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K displozícii je nová verzia LibrePCB - 0.1.4
Tento EDA nástroj na tvorbu schém a návrh plošných spojov, bol doplnený nielen o SVG a Pick&Place export, vyhľadávanie prvkov na schéme, ale aj o inteligentné zadávanie rozmerov (napr: 2*15mils) ale aj o množstvo vylepšení a opráv. Pribudol aj preklad do češtiny. Download bináriek je tu..

Pohľad na vyhľadávanie prvku na schéme:

Pohľad na inteligentné zadávanie rozmerov:

Library Editor:
  • Add “filter” toolbar to filter element lists (#673)
  • Support moving elements to other library (#638)
  • Show warning in device editor if no pads are connected (#680)

Schematic Editor:
  • Add SVG export for sheets (#656)
  • Add “search” toolbar to find symbols in sheets (#671)
  • Add possibility to rename sheets (#640)
  • Fix possibly wrapping of items in schematic pages dock (#685)

Board Editor:
  • Add pick&place file export (#639)
  • Add SVG export for boards (#656)
  • Add “search” toolbar to find devices in boards (#671)
  • Sort items in “Change Device” context menu (#677)
  • Fix duplicate vertices when drawing polygons (#672)
  • Fix possibly disappearing airwires in some situations (#687)

BOM Export:
  • Use comma instead of semicolon as separator (#678)

  • Deny newlines in net names and other identifiers (#637)
  • Speed up UUID validation and thus the library scan (#651)
  • Respect configured workspace length unit in editors (#684)
  • Respect configured grid unit in statusbar of editors (#689)
  • Improve keyboard navigation in dialogs (#690)
  • Use wizard to create and switch workspace from ControlPanel (#688)
  • Split workspace chooser and workspace initialization wizard (#652)
  • Fix falling back to system language for untranslated strings (#645)
  • Various internal code improvements and refactoring
  • Many translation improvements and fixes

  • Change default installation directory on macOS to /Applications (#644)

New languages:
  • Czech (93% translated)
  • Chinese (Taiwan) (99% translated)

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