Novinka:Lukas Kramer: horizon-EDA 1.1.0 "Blue Sky", je k dispozícii
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Zaslal EdizonTN

Nová release verzia tohoto EDA systému, je k dispozícii.

Download install pre x64 Win.

New features

A complete changelog that includes enhancements and bugfixes is available in the repo

  • Pick&place export (bdb0af8)
  • Panelisation (188802f)
  • Support replacing project metadata variables on board (c1293e2)
  • Airwire filter (145bcb1)
  • Support for touchscreen pan and zoom gestures (38ff613, ca1b832)
  • Support for "dot not populate" components (8cf32eb)
  • Action for selecting all vertices of a polygon (5d2571f)
  • Outline layer in packages (03f29b5)
  • Automatic update of pool cache status and hint when placing out of date part (655c084)
  • Recursive git add from git tab in pool manager (ea5bcb4)
  • Tool for resizing symbols (21763df)
  • Tool for generating silkscreen (c314592)
  • Run board checks from python module (e47e579)
  • Tool for rounding off polygon vertices (b028dbe, 1b9a801)
  • Pool update from python module (7cd5cc2)
  • Package python module as docker image (3b047c3)
  • Export 3D rendering from python module (619b74b)

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