Novinka:DeepPCB™: Pure AI-Powered, Cloud-Native PCB Rouiting
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Zaslal EdizonTN

Nový autorouter na báze umelej inteligencie, zatiaľ zdarma.

Our Beta release covers the following features:

  • Routing for Printed Circuit Boards of up to 150 pairs, 2 layers is currently available. DeepPCB™ is currently free.
  • All our solved boards are Design Rules Checked (DRC clean) and fully compatible with KiCad.
  • DeepPCB™ leverages innovative InstaDeep AI technology combined with powerful GPUs and Cloud infrastructure to offer the first pure AI PCB routing engine.
  • Results in 24 hours, not weeks or months. Saved time accelerates your development cycle and your product ships to market faster.

Beta version Limitations:
  • Input boards file : Specctra ( .DSN )
  • Output results file : Specctra session file ( .SES )
  • limited to : 2 Layers, 250 Pins, 150 Airwires

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