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K displozícii je nová verzia LibrePCB - 0.1.2

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Changelog v texte.

  • Support latest build environments
    The dependencies quazip, googletest, optional and type_safe were updated (#476) and some deprecation warnings were fixed (#478). Now LibrePCB also compiles with GCC 9.x and Qt 5.13 without any warnings.

    Since we migrated from Travis-CI to Azure Pipelines (#458), CI is now able to build on Ubuntu 19.04 with GCC 9.x to ensure compatibility with recent build environments.

  • Improved table widgets
    The table widgets – especially in the library editor – behaved a bit strange and sometimes even buggy. After refactoring the implementation of the observer pattern in low-level classes (#449), we were able to replace most QTableWidget tables by QTableView using Qt’s model/view framework (#456). This heavily improves the usability and stability of our table widgets, see details in the changelog below.

Library Editor:
  • Rename library overview context menu item “copy” to “duplicate” (#447)
  • Preselect pin name when opening symbol pin properties dialog (#453)

Schematic Editor:
  • Fix net label offset after mirroring (#451)

Board Editor:
  • Fix unintended tool change after double click on footprint (#464)
  • Fix inconsistent appearance of polygons between editor and Gerber export (#479)

  • Change predefined norms to “IEC 60617” + “IEEE 315” (#455)
  • Enable scrolling with both axis when pressing Ctrl (#467)
  • Refactor all table widgets using Qt’s model/view framework (#456):
  • Fix application crashes with newer Qt versions when editing table content
  • Fix possibly outdated table content when underlying data changes (e.g. on undo/redo)
  • Sort tables where reasonable (some tables even allow the user to sort by specific column)
  • Slightly improved error handling when entering invalid data into table cells
  • In some tables, allow inserting multiple rows at once (e.g. the term “1..5” creates 5 rows, from “1” to “5”)
  • Various other small improvements

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