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Spoločnosť Microchip uviedla nové MCU z rodiny PIC24FJ64GA104 a PIC24FJ64GB004.

Obe rodiny PIC24F disponujú nanoWatt XLP extreme low power technológiou, malým púzdrom, a mTouch kapacitným snímaním.

Vlastnosti rodiny PIC24FJ64GA104
  • Up to 16 MIPS performance
  • 16 x 16 Hardware Multiply, Single Cycle Execution
  • 32-bit x 16-bit Hardware Divider
  • C Compiler Optimized Instruction Set
  • Internal oscillator support – 31 kHz to 8 MHz, up to 32 MHz with 4X PLL
  • On-chip LDO Voltage Regulator
  • JTAG Boundary Scan and Flash Memory Program Support
  • Fail-Safe Clock Monitor – allows safe shutdown if clock fails
  • Watchdog Timer with separate RC oscillator
  • Run, Idle and Sleep modes
  • Deep sleep mode for lowest current consumption
  • Multiple, Switchable Clock Modes for Optimum Performance and Power Management
  • 10-bit ADC, 13 channels, 500k samples per second
  • 3 analog comparators
  • 2 UART Modules with LIN and IrDA support, 4 Deep FIFO
  • 2 SPI Modules with 8 Deep FIFO
  • 2 I2C Modules with Master and Slave Modes
  • Five 16-bit Timer Modules
  • Up to 5 Input Capture and 5 Output Compare / PWM, all with dedicated timers
  • Hardware RTCC, Real-Time Clock Calendar with Alarms
  • PMP, Parallel Master Port, with 16 Address Lines, and 8/16-bit Data
  • Peripheral Pin Select for remapping digital peripherals to I/O
  • Charge Time Measurement Unit (CTMU) for capacitive touch interface

Vlastnosti rodiny PIC24FJ64GB004 USB
  • USB v2.0 On-the-Go compliant
  • Dual role capable, can act as either Host or Device
  • Low Speed(1.5Mb/s) and Full Speed(12 Mb/s) operation in Host mode
  • Full speed USB operaton in Device mode
  • Supports 32 endpoints
  • On-chip USB transceiver

Blokové zapojenie rodiny PIC24FJ64GB004

PIC24FJ64GA104 Family Data Sheet
PIC24FJ64GB004 Family Data Sheet
PIC24FJ64GA104 Homepage
PIC24FJ64GB004 Homepage

Cena, dostupnosť
Cena začína od 2,12 USD (@10k ks) pre rodinu PIC24FJ64GA104, a
od 2,32 USD (@10k ks) pre PIC24FJ64GB004 USB rodinu.
Všetci predstavitelia týchto rodín, by už mali byť dostupný ako vzorky.

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