Novinka:apriorit: How to Develop Embedded Software Using the QEMU Machine Emulator
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A comprehensive guide on creating and using QEMU virtual devices to accelerate your driver and embedded software development.
Prepared by practitioners from Apriorit!
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Table of Contents

Why do we use QEMU?
Pros and cons of using a QEMU virtual device
Driver implementation stages
Communication between a device and its driver
I/O address space
Line-based interrupts
Message-signaled interrupts
Bus mastering
Test device specifications
Structure of the device I/O memory
Device description in QEMU
Initializing the device in QEMU
Working with the I/O memory space
Working with interrupts
Working with DMA memory
Processing requests
QEMU device
Implementing a WDF driver for the test device
The minimum driver
Initializing device resources
Working with I/O memory
Interrupt handling
Working with DMA
Sending requests to the device
Processing requests from a user mode application
Testing and debugging
Quality control of driver code
Driver installation
Driver communication
Implementing driver unit tests
Implementing driver autotest
Driver verification with Driver Verifier and WDF Verifier

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