Novinka:NXP: New releases of MCUXpresso software & tools now available
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K dispozícii sú nové verzie MCUXpresso nástrojov od NXP. Aktualizácie sa týkajú podpory nových mikrokontrolérov série Kinetis, LPC a i.MX s jadrom Cortex-M.

MCUXpresso SDK v2.4.0
  • Updated support for i.MX RT1050, LPC8xx, LPC54018, LPC546xx
  • Updated GNU Arm Embedded Toolchain compiler: GCC Version 7-2017-q4-major
  • Enhanced middleware: Amazon FreeRTOS™ v10, QCA Wi-Fi, Amazon Web services, LittleFS, FatFS R0.13a, lwIP 2.0.3, NXP USB, SDMMC, and Secure Element Middleware Support (A71CH)

MCUXpresso IDE v10.2
  • All Pro Edition features have now been incorporated into the Free version (Pro Edition has been discontinued)
  • Redesigned Quickstart Panel – including dedicated debug operation links
  • Updated GUI Flash tool – with easy binary programming and erase capabilities
  • Debug performance improvements
  • Live graphical visualization of global variables
  • Enhanced self-configuring external flash drivers for flashless MCUs
  • Access to SDK documentation directly within the IDE
  • Updated Eclipse Oxygen

MCUXpresso Config Tools v4.0
  • Pin Muxing and GPIO Initialization now included within the Pins Tool
  • New Config Tool Overview screen with individual tool summary
  • Support for Undo / Redo functionality
  • Improved Peripheral Tool UI and support, including support for multiple Peripheral Component versions
  • And more

MCUXpresso Software Development Kit (SDK)
MCUXpresso Config Tools - Pins, Clocks, Peripherals
MCUXpresso Integrated Development Environment (IDE)

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