Novinka:KiCad: Version 5 New Feature preview
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Zaslal EdizonTN

Náhľad nových vlastnosti obľúbeného EDA systému KiCAD, si možete prezrieť v tomto 25 minútovom zázname:

  • Improved Eagle import
  • Preliminary scaling support for High DPI monitors
  • Integrated system variable editor
  • Uses local symbols as default. Github plugin should be deprecated
  • Rendering improvements (anti aliasing of fonts, translucency of layers, color wheel)
  • Digikey made a large donation, largest in the project's history (undisclosed sum)

  • net highlighting in eeschema + synchronized highlighting between eeschema and pcb_new
  • simpler tool for updating pcb from schematic
  • symbol lib table added (symbol lib management is now similar to footprint management)
  • reorganized libraries. Libs now have their own download section on the webside. (The github plugin has been dropped for default setups)
  • New symbol library editor interface
  • automatic junction management + better connection algorithm (eeschema)
  • Better handling of buses in eeschema (Not sure if everything that was proposed has been merged)
  • Line styles for graphical polygons in eeschema
  • Integrated interface for a spice simulator
  • new component chooser. (adding symbols to a schematic will allow to select footprints at the same time.) This is sadly not enabled by default as it seems there are performance issues on some platforms.
  • New pad types (polygon and rounded rectangle)
  • Graphical polygons in pcb_new and in the footprint editor
  • Flip board in pcb_new (look at it from the bottom)
  • Graphical polygons in eeschema now support different line colors and line styles.
  • Better copy paste support

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