Novinka:TI: TIC12400 - 24-Input Sensor Monitor With SPI Interface
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TIC12400 24-Input Multiple Switch Detection Interface (MSDI) Device With Integrated ADC and Adjustable Wetting Current.

  • Operates with Supply Voltage (VS) from 6.5 V to 35 V with Over- voltage and Under- voltage Warning
  • Monitors up 24 Direct Switch Inputs with 10 Inputs Configurable to Monitor Switches Connected to Either Ground or Supply
  • Switch Input Withstands 40 V and Reverse Supply Condition Down to -24 V
  • 6 Configurable Wetting Current Settings: (0 mA, 1 mA, 2 mA, 5 mA, 10 mA, and 15 mA)
  • Integrated 10-bit ADC for Multi-Position Analog Switch Monitoring
  • Integrated Comparator with 4 Programmable Threshold for Input Monitoring
  • Ultra-low Operating Current in Polling Mode: 68 μA Typical (tPOLL = 64 ms, tPOLL_ACT = 128 μs, All 24 Inputs Active, Comparator Mode, All Switches Open)
  • Interfaces Directly to MCU Using 3.3 V/5 V Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) Protocol
  • Interrupt Generation to Support Wake-Up Operation on All Inputs
  • Integrated Supply and Temperature Sensing
  • ±8 kV Contact Discharge ESD Protection on Input Pins per IEC 61000-4-2 With Appropriate External Components
  • 38-Pin TSSOP Package

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